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Editing Experience

June 2023 - August 2023


Data Wrangler, Editor - Davinci Resolve 18,

  • Feature film: Family-revenge comedy, drama

  • Captured footage and generated proxies to create dailies

  • Organized project with metadata and selects for the team of editors

  • Liaised with editors to complete multiple cuts for weekly turnarounds

  • Took notes during creative meetings with director; Used for additional notes

March 2023 - August 2023


Editor, Colorist -  Davinci Resolve 18, After Effects,

  • Senior Thesis short film: drama

  • Created proxies and organized project with bins, color coding, and metadata

  • Anticipated narrative and color conflicts - provided ideas to director and detailed updates

  • Created title cards, scrolling credits, and organized assets to finish the film

  • Edited promotional content and implemented motion design elements to market the

  • film through social media

July 2022 - August 2022


Lead Editor - Adobe Premiere 2021, Davinci Resolve 17,

  • Feature film: Indie, rom-com

  • Handled proxies for roundtrip worklows with post-production supervisor

  • Liaised with assistant editors to complete weekly turnarounds for director

  • Took specific notes during creative meetings with director and producers; Used to follow their additional notes

July 2022 - August 2022


Editor, Colorist, Data Wrangler - Adobe Premiere Pro 2022

  • Senior thesis short film: Historical drama, fantasy, family

  • Organized assets and timelines with bins and color-coding

  • Coordinated creative meetings with director and producer to discuss the edit

  • Managed project deadlines and collaborated with the colorist and composer

Key Skills

  • Operate on Mac and PC       

  • Adobe Creative Suite   

  • Davinci Resolve 17 and 18       

  • Detail- oriented

  • Competent in motion graphics

  • Competent in Spanish

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