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Hello! I am Karen Barboza.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA.

I've edited a variety of projects like short films, feature films, short documentaries, and other video content like podcasts and reels.


I enjoy thrillers, dramas, and anime. Though, westerns have caught my eye lately.

My favorite things include analog horror, Pikmin, and lemonade.




John Paul the Great Catholic University

BA Communications Media

Emphasis in Post-Production

Video Editor

Icon Industries Inc.


During my time in college,  I took part in short films, documentaries, and feature films. My roles for these projects were mainly editor, colorist, and/or DIT. Along with these films, I had the opportunity to network, go to the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, and edit a senior thesis film.

I collaborated and assisted in editing cuts for client projects. I edited multi-cam podcasts, social media reels, a donation advertisement, highlight videos, and a promotional video. I edited with Davinci Resolve 17 on PC. I also edited several audio podcasts using Ableton on PC.


High Tech High International

High School Diploma

Video Editor

Media Art Center San Diego


At this project-based school, I had a hands-on experience on a variety of projects. These include laser-cutting/etching, 3D modeling and graphic design with photoshop/illustrator, and videos edited with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro

I watched several film submissions for the 2019 San Diego Latino Film Festival and measured how interesting it would be for high school student audiences. I also made a short documentary series about the Little Saigon Stories event in City Heights, San Diego. With 2 other interns, we prepared interview questions, shot b-roll, and conducted interviews. I edited "Little Saigon Stories: What Next" with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Post-Production Intern

Kappa Studios


I spent my time with the audio team to which I assisted in making backgrounds from sound libraries, participated in foley sessions, and record foley through ProTools. The projects I worked on include feature films and season four of The Chosen series. As an intern, I also performed receptionist duties, and miscellaneous tasks. 

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