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Hello! I'm Karen Barboza.

Originally from San Diego, CA and currently in Irvine, CA.

In high school, I was introduced to editing and that fire never stopped growing. My passion for the editing and color grading process grew as I worked on short films, features, documentaries, and video content (podcasts, social media reels). I am also working on motion graphics because keyframes are so satisfying!

I enjoy watching thrillers and dramas but I also like anime, creepy video essays, and analog horror! 




John Paul the Great Catholic University

BS in Communications Media

Emphasis in Post-Production

During my time in college,  I took part in short films, documentaries, and feature films. My roles for these projects were mainly editor, colorist, and/or DIT. Along with these films, I had the opportunity to network, go to the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, and edit a senior thesis film.

Video Editor

Icon Industries Inc.


I collaborated and assisted in editing cuts for client projects. I edited multi-cam podcasts, social media reels, a donation advertisement, highlight videos, and a promotional video. I edited with Davinci Resolve 17 on PC. I also edited several audio podcasts using Ableton on PC.

Post-Production Intern

Kappa Studios


I spent my time with the audio team to which I assisted in making backgrounds from sound libraries and participated in foley sessions. The projects I worked on include feature films and season four of The Chosen series. As an intern, I also performed receptionist duties and miscellaneous tasks. 


High Tech High International
High School Diploma

At this project-based school, I had a hands-on experience on a variety of projects. These include laser-cutting/etching, 3D modeling and graphic design with photoshop/illustrator, and videos edited with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

Video Editor

Media Art Center San Diego


I watched several film submissions for the 2019 San Diego Latino Film Festival and provided recommendations for high school audiences. I made a short documentary series about the Little Saigon Stories event in City Heights, San Diego. With 2 other interns, we prepared interview questions, shot b-roll, and conducted interviews. I edited "Little Saigon Stories: What Next" with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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